We train Nordica's future pilots!

In cooperation with Nordica, Goldwings invite candidates wishing to obtain professional pilots license. After passing the exams our students will be able to continue with their career as first officers in Nordica.

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Flight training with a work guarantee

If you have a PPL(A) licence and wish to be part of the guaranteed first officer job program with Nordica, you are welcome to our academy.


The program is for pilots with low experience who wish to achieve commercial pilots licence and work as a pilot in Nordica. This high quality program starts with a PPL(A) licence, its supported by the experienced flight school Goldwings Flight Academy and progress according to Nordica's standards. Everything for a very favorable price, you pay only for the CPL(A) program. Subsequent training at Nordica is for free after signing of the contract.

One of the best flight training schools in Poland. The academy is placed in Warsaw and is in possesion of modern aircraft and the most professional instructors.

Estonias national airlines and the biggest airline to operate from and to Estonia. The airline ownds several Bombardier CRJ airplanes and some turboprop ATR 72 airplanes.

How does the program work?


Its the first step to realise your dreams. Already today become part of the growing Nordica team. If you have PPL(A) licence and wish to join the program for CPL(A) send an e-mail to


Goldwings Flight Academy will give you all necessary information (about the place, time and preparation) before the recruitment. Our recruitment consist of 2 phases. During the first phase (day 1) there will be a skill test, english test, psychological test and a short introductory conversation. Before the event you will get complete information (place, time and things to prepare).

Training at Goldwings Flight Academy

The training including both theoretical and practical parts will lead you from ATPL(A) theory course until achieving commercial pilots licence with (ME) and (IR) rating allowing flying multiengine aircraft and flying by intstruments. It will also teach you the required theory to achieve the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). The training program includes a (MCC) course focusing on cooperation in the cockpit. Nordica is overseeing and fully supporting the training. To complete the program takes some months.

Type rating at Nordica

Type rating training for Embraer 170/190 jet will be performed by Nordica.

After sucessfully passing the final exam resulting in achieving the typerating you will be ready to safely work for Nordica. You will then become first officer.

First Officer at Nordica


Your dreams have come true. You can start your career at Nordica. If you engange yourself in the job and concentrate on the goal, you will discover a lot of perspectives opening up for you in Nordica.

Upcoming events

Starting new integrated course

Nordica and Goldwings will organize integrated course from January 2020 r

High standard of training
Experienced pilots
Convenient forms of financing
Young team

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How can I apply for the Nordica program?
You can apply to the program by sending us an e-mail with informations about you.

How can I know that my application has been recieved?
Shortly after receiving the e-mail our team will contact you by phone.

Can I apply for the program while already having flight experience?
Yes, you can apply having PPL(A) licence. Its necessary in order to be able to apply for the program.


Do I have to pay recruitment fee?
You will receive all necessary information in the invitation from Goldwings Flight Academy

What do I need to take with me?
In the invitation for recruitment you will receive detailed information about what you need to take with you. For sure you need to have with you a certificate of non criminal record, valid passport or personal-ID, high school diplomma or college/university diplomma, I class medical and a filled in questionnaire which you will receive earlier.

How to prepare for recruitment?
You need only to bring the required documents. Just relax.

Why do I need to bring with me I class medical ?
Pilots need to fulfill certain health criteria. Getting I class medical proves that you comply with all medical requirments..

How long does the recruitment take?
It takes about 1 day (accurate time will be given in the invitation).

What can I expect on the first day of selection?
During the first selection we will check your skills with a written test, psychological test, and also perform a short introductory conversation. During the selection english language will be used.


What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is 40 000 euro and must be completly paid by the candidate.

What is part of the program?

Included in the program are:

0-ATPL(A) integrated course 

After passing all training and exams subsequently

Type rating Embraer 170/190

Can the payment be divided into installments?


Do I need to relocate? 
No. As long as it will not collide with the training program.

Do I need to relocate on my own?
Yes, organizing the relocation will be your duty. But Goldwings can advise you with choosing the place to live.

Do I have to bear my living costs during the training?
Yes, you pay for your upkeep during your training.


Can I study during my training?

Yes, but the studies may not collide with the planned training program.

Can I work during my training?

Yes, but the work may not collide with the planned training program.


When will Nordica offer me a job?

After passing all the training at Goldwings Flight Academy and at Nordica, including achieving the Typerating you will be offered a job in Nordica.